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Jason Borden

Hi, I’m a Senior Full Stack Web Developer at Schweb Design, and have worked professionally with PHP, .Net, VBScript/ASP, and HTML5, on Windows and Linux environments. On my personal projects I also dabble in Go, NodeJS, and hope to start learning Rust or C soon as well. I love to learn, think outside the box, and learn about better ways to program.

At work, I spend most of my time working on CMS-based websites using Drupal and Wordpress. My personal projects tend to be related to algo-trading, physics, AI, or learning about low-level performance optimization to be able to write more performant code.

I think it’s important to question what we’ve been taught, the patterns, practices and tools common in the industry that lead us from “just type some HTML to make a website” toward complex build systems, preprocessors, frameworks, and endless dependencies. In this era where computers aren’t really getting faster, we need to limit the cruft, and question everything that stands in the way of simplicity, performance and security, and that’s what I’m hoping to do with this blog.

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